What is digital mileage correction?

Digital Mileage or mileage adjustment correction becomes necessary when the mileage on the electronic display differs from  the value which you believe to be correct. This is where a correction service can help you in returning the displayed value back to its original value.

Why do I need this service?

There are many reasons why you might mileage correction. Many dashboards develop electronic faults that cause the mileage to jump or change to an invalid reading. Motors and gauges also fail in this instance you might purchase either a new or second hand instrument cluster as this is  often more cost effective.  New dashboards  have 0 miles on it. If it's a second hand one it could well have 100,000 miles on it or some other value from the donor car. Naturally you want it to show the correct mileage and that's where we can help, by electronically placing the correct mileage information onto the dashboard.  

Is it legal?

If you need to change the mileage for any of the reasons above this is perfectly legal. It is however, illegal if you knowingly sell the vehicle without informing the buyer of the true mileage. Diamond Tuning is only providing a correction service for reasons similar to those stated above. You must inform a buyer of the new mileage if you believe it to be incorrect. By using our service you agree to this.

Why is our service better than others?

For most cars we can interface into the car's diagnostic port which interfaces with our programming machine. Where possible we do not have to remove the dashboard although this may be necessary for some models and ALL Japanese cars.  Diamond Tuning  use the latest hand held equipment specifically designed for this purpose, this provides a much more stable platform for performing this operation.  It is known that there is a greater risks of a chip developing a fault where people are using laptops to reprogram mileages. This is due to differing processor speed in the laptop being used and test environments.

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